Texting: A Brilliant Way To Miscommunicate

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Communication is key to any long lasting, loving connection. However, texting is a form of communication that may do more harm, than good in a relationship.

Through simple mistakes and careless words, text communication’s can get twisted. To avoid these types of situations, you really just need to slow down your fingers, relax and take a few pointers from the info below!

Don’t Stop Talking

Texting back and forth is a real conversation, well sort of. You want to treat a text conversation similar to that of a real, face to face conversation. When someone says something, you want to respond in a timely manner. Often times, long pauses between texts are misconstrued and many times they are looked upon as disrespectful. So try to keep the conversation going, or at the least, let the other party know that you will be a bit before you text back.

Actively And Fully Listen

Texting is a whole other world when it comes to conversing with someone. It’s easy to just keep typing and not let the other person respond first. It’s easy to get side tracked and do other things while a text conversations is going on. If you want to avoid a hostile text environment, it’s always best to let someone finish texting their thoughts prior to texting back to someone.

Another common issue with texting which can easily lead to miscommunication is ranting.

Going on long text rants with someone, typically are frowned upon, especially if you are in some sort of quarrel. Most often times, one will regret going off on a text message rant anyways, so it’s best to never start one. And remember, you can’t take back a text once it’s sent! So choose your words carefully! But trust us, we know it’s not easy to stop those fingers from typing once they get heated and get going!

Don’t Use The Wrong Emoji’s

Emoji’s…we love them don’t we? We can’t enough of sending them daily to our friends, family and our partner. However, Emoji’s are a huge part of the miscommunication world of texting. But, it all depends on what type of texting situation you find yourself in. Using the wrong emoji can really confuse some people!

If you are texting your bestie…go ahead and drop an eggplant emoji, or peach emoji. If you have just met a potential love interest and you are texting, you may want to shy away from sending them the emoji’s that can be taken in a sexual context. It’s truly crazy how you fast miscommunication can happen when you send the wrong emoji. Sometimes it’s make or break in a new relationship.

For instance, if you just met someone and you begin sending them smiley face emoji’s with a heart on the side of the mouth…that may be a little too much. Try sticking with just a blush faced emoji for a while!

Don’t Shut Down Or Resort To The Silent Treatment

This is the worst thing you can do in a text conversation because it makes the other person go wild! If an argument heats up, or you find yourself far beyond your comfort zone, acknowledge your feelings and relay them to your partner.

It’s is okay and perfectly fair to ask for a break in the conversation or argument. Be sure to remind them you aren’t avoiding the subject, and make sure to get back to them after you chill out a bit and collect your thoughts!

If All Fails…Just Call Someone

In reality, the best way to have a conversation with someone when they are not directly in front of you…is to simply call them!