VIDEO | Teens Who Text And Drive Are Confronted By Woman Who Lost Her Parents In Accident

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Most teens and adults for that matter are oblivious to just how dangerous texting and driving truly is. Just one split second change the rest of your life and other’s. One simple glance at your phone while driving can cause a tragic accident, killing you or others.

In this video, teens who feel it isn’t a bad idea to text and drive are confronted by a woman who lost both her parents in an accident that involved someone texting and driving.

The young woman was driving home from a graduation ceremony with her parents, when someone texting and driving ran through a red light causing an accident. The accident killed both of her parents and caused the young woman to fight for months, for her own life. Learning to walk, talk and even dress herself again, she remains partially paralyzed.

After the teens meet the young lady and hear her story, their worlds are flipped upside. Taken over by emotion and the seriousness of texting and driving, the teens quickly change their attitude about texting and driving.

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