That Time Police Were Forced To Repay A Stripper $1 Million Plus Interest After Illegal Seizure

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This may be an older story, but it is an interesting one…and one I have never heard. 

When Tara Mishra was 33-years-old, her and a friend were pulled over for speeding. In the backseat of the car, a million dollars in $10,000 bundles tied with hair elastics sat in plastic bags.

Officers believing that the money was somehow attached to illegal drug activity, seized the money. 

Mishra advised the officers that she works as a stripper and has since she was 18. She has been saving money for 15-years in order to invest in a business venture with her friend, that would allow her to stop stripping. The time had come and Mishra was taking the money to purchase a nightclub of her own. 

Although the police found no indication of any drug use or activity in the vehicle…they seized the money. 

After a lengthy court battle, a judge ordered Mishra receive a cash or cheque for the amount seized plus interest — $1,074,000. Since the case was in court so long, Mishra lost out on interest if she were to keep the money in her investment account. 

She surely must have been a heck of stripper…$1 million is a boat load of money!

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