THC-O Popularity As A Natural Phytocannabinoid

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Cannabinoids are gaining popularity on today’s market like nothing else. It might be because of their recent legalization in some parts of the world and a widened chain of supply, but primarily because of their significance in clinical studies.

While THC, CBD, and THCV started consuming most parts of the cannabinoid market, a new synthetic hemp-derived component emerged to find its place, THC-O, which is three times stronger than delta-9 THC. Unlike other natural cannabinoids like THC, CBD, THC-O, or THC-O-acetate, it cannot be synthesized naturally. Therefore, no matter what you want, you can not make it in your home.

So, how do you get your hands on these marvelous THC-O products? Well, to soothe your concern, you can find a wide range of THC-O products for sale online. The online market can provide you with more authentic THC-O products than the offline one, as the offline supply chain has yet to be strong.

What is THC-O?

Just so you know, THC-O is a synthetic substance, first developed around the 1940s by the US army during biowarfare. Around 1978, THC-O came under the radar of DAE. Although it is not red-flagged, still it’s raising concern because to produce this substance, highly combustible acetic anhydride is added to THC.

THC-O is 300% stronger than THC, and its effect is nothing like that of usual cannabinoids, like delta-9 and delta-8. It provides you with a transcendental, spiritual trip. Most people who have taken it expressed that they felt an immersive trip, where the body and mind are totally submerged in a lucid, vivid yet mystical world of pleasure. And the most shocking fact is that THC-O is legalized.

What are the Most Popular THC-O Products for Sale?

THC-O products are mainly sold online as alternatives to delta-9 THC products. And, to be honest, there are no other cannabinoids that can be compared with THC-O when it comes to providing relaxation, happiness, psychedelic experience, and spiritual immersiveness. Because of this, THC-O is mainly known as the ‘Psychedelic Cannabinoid.’ A wide variety of THC-O products are available on the online market.

THC-O Edibles

One of the most relished THC-O products is THC-O gummies. Edibles are usually made with different flavors like mango, grape, etc. These are chewy gummies and can be taken anywhere, anytime. Because they are eaten and not smoked, it takes quite a long time to hit.

THC-O Vape Carts

THC-O vape carts are another popular THC-O product; they provide you with an intense high and are notable for delivering psychedelic effects.

Vape carts, or vape cartridges, contain THC-O oil mixed with natural ingredients for flavors.

THC-O Tinctures

Another lesser-known THC-O product available on the market is THC-O tinctures. THC-O is usually infused with edible oils like MCT for oral use. However, people should be careful when it comes to oral use and verify the carrier oil before consuming because it directly goes to the digestive system.

Is THC-O Legal and Safe?

Well, the legality of THC-O is debatable.

A bill passed by Congress in 2018 seems to protect THC-O products from legal acts; however, it’s hard to say. Mainly because, Binoid, one of the trusted sellers of this product, has mentioned on their website that there’s no proper surety of its legalization. However, it is derived from federally legal hemp.

The Farm Bill of 2018 somewhat restricted the production of delta-9 THC. Now THC-O can also be synthesized from delta-8 THC. However, the result is way stronger than delta-9. Although delta-8 is federally legal, around 17 states in the US have so far restricted the consumption of delta-8 THC.

Is it safe? Yes, consuming THC-O is safe; however, one should buy it from a trusted seller. Nothing can be confirmed because there are no standardized procedures for its extraction.

People should be careful about its consumption because of its potency. It provides a strong buzz and can cause an intense high. Also, some people have noted much use of THC-O products can drive dry mouth, headaches, and extreme and graphic psychedelic experiences.

Bottom Line

Although it is not legalized, the popularity of THC-O is rising day by day. It has even shown a new side that cannabinoids can be water dissolved, and they are potent for people who can not experience the desired effect through the consumption of THC.

Obviously, some have raised their eyebrows in the cannabinoid community due to the synthesized nature of THC-O. It is still desired by people who want a vivid, intense high.

Now, proper legalization and contracts with some famous pharmaceutical companies may change the future of THC-O products. Also, the strengthening of the supply chain can do wonders. Many people still hesitate to consume THC-O because of the lack of clinical studies, so some proper clinical studies on these products would do some good.

Nevertheless, THC-O products have certainly opened new opportunities for the cannabinoid community; they need to grab them and make use of it.