The 10 Best Vehicles To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse!

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We’d advise you to start saving for one of these rides now, but let’s be honest, by the time you could afford most on the list it would be too late, zombies would have attacked and there would be no need for a vehicle like one of these. However, if you find yourself searching for the ideal vehicle to keep your ass alive, however, these would be your 10 best options:

Sportsmobile 4WD Vehicle

While traversing a grim and rocky landscape, you’re going to need some essentials. The Sportsmobile 4WD Vehicle allows you to load up on Coke and Slim Jims for your delicious survival while you find paths to get to whatever city is left. It’s the most badass van that doesn’t have B.A. Baracus chilling in the back. Link


Local Motors Rally Fighter

This ride is built for the deserts of the Southwest United States, which is exactly how we picture the whole world looking in the not too distant future. With a Corvette engine, a Ford truck rear and an F150 steering wheel, the Local Motors Rally Fighter is like the work of a mad auto scientist. Just tell your friends they’ll need their own ride. Who are we kidding, your friends will be dead. (Link)


Aston Martin DB9

Let’s get real for a sec, chances are the zombies are going to win. If you’re going out, you might as well go out in style. Even pick up some hot zombie ass along the way. (Link)


Conquest Knight XV

For luxury and ruggedness, look no further than the Knight XV. Just don’t let your hatchet nick up the leather. (Link)


WaterCar Python

Can zombies swim? This question has spurred more web fights than the usage of there, their and they’re. We’ll play it safe with the amphibious Python.  (Link)


Triumph Rocket III Roadster

This is what a doomsday bike looks like. If tight passages are going to pose issues, the Rocket III is what we want. From takeoff to braking, everything is top of the line. Carrying a lot of supplies will be an issue, but we’ll just swallow a bunch of June bugs while we ride. (Link)


Mercedes-Benz Unimog

As Mercedes-Benz says, the Unimog offers “absolute off-road supremacy.” Since it’s designed to perform in disaster emergencies and the harshest conditions, we’d have to imagine the Unimog is as dependable as it is fun to say. (Link)


Gnarboard Trail Rider

Just because it’s the end of the world doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun, right? Sure you’ll probably be pegging it as long as possible and wishing you had a car, but a Gnarboard is still the only skateboard we’d trust when streets are less than ideal and our legs are weak from a lack of nutrients. (Link)


Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

With a top speed of over 250 mph and a 0-60 time under three seconds, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is damn fast. If you need to get out of a hoard in a hurry, it’s your best bet. Where you’ll find the gas to keep refilling it, however, is up to you. (Link)


Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon LAPV 6.X

Without the 5-0 ready to issue you a hefty ticket and make you recite the alphabet while standing on one foot in your underwear (assumed), staying on the road would be pointless. With this Benz and its 18″ of ground clearance, you’ll make your own roadways. Plus, the surprising agility will allow you to keep your windshield clear of Walker guts. (Link)



Mythbusters Zombie Apocalypse truck!

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