The $100 Hot Dog Is For The Sausage Connoisseur With Plenty Of Extra Change

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If the limp and soggy one dollar hot dogs at IKEA aren’t satisfying you enough, then try this A$100 (US$73.26) “haute dog” on for size. It might just be the priciest sausage sizzle going on in Australia.

The “haute dog” consists of a brioche bun, with an Australian angus beef sausage, topped with a Pèrigord black truffle-infused mustard that itself is worth a hundred bucks.

100 hot dog

Image: Maille


For $100 you’re not just buying a sausage sandwich. It comes with a 100 gram jar of the fancy Maille mustard to help improve any regular old hot dog. It’s the main attraction of the Maille Mustard Mobile truck, which is travelling around Australia.

“It is a very tasty, very sought after mustard,” Joe Barrs, Maille’s ambassador toldMashable Australia, while he was selling the hotdog at Melbourne’s Good Food and Wine show on Friday. “We had a tub of it air freighted to us about a month ago … and we’ve sold out.”

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