The 5 Future Foods We Will Be Consuming In The Years To Come

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With the world’s population now at 7.2 billion, according to a report launched by the United Nations, it will reach 9.6 billion by the time 2050 rolls around. Scientists say that with this many mouths to feed, we will require a 70 percent increase on the amount of food production. According to the World Economic Forum, here are the 5 foods we will most likely be eating in the near future: 

1. Crickets as meat, and in the form of cricket flour


What people don’t know is, as much as 28 percent of the population already include insects in their everyday diet and crickets also contain three times more protein than what we ingest from eating beef.  Cricket flour has a versatility than can create protein powder, snack bars, chips, baked goods, and can also be used to feed animals. It also releases less greenhouse gas emissions by 100 times which will lessen the impact of climate change. 


2. Kernza Bread 


An ancient prairie grain that is found in baked goods and beer, it is also known as intermediate wheatgrass. This plant produces grain for five years, as compared to wheat, which only produces enough for a year. Since its roots reach about ten feet in the ground, Kernza deposits more carbon into the soil which provides more nutrients and keeps the soil healthier through time. 


3. Plant-based burgers 


Two American rival companies namely Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods have already started selling plant-based burgers, instead of the usual veggie burgers that come out dry and tasteless. The improvement to this is the use of pea protein and beetroot which makes the plant burger ‘bleed when you bite,’ to have a meatier eating experience. 


4. Algae Oil 


In 2015, Thrive, a Dutch company, already started manufacturing algae oil in Brazil. This oil is made by harvesting algae from trees which they turn into neutrally flavored oil perfect for cooking. As compared to other commercially used oils such as Palm oil which creates a massive destruction in our rainforests, Algae oil is made sustainably. 


5. Clean Meat 


With the amount of chicken the world eats nowadays, nearly 50 billion chickens are killed every year. To lessen this demand, fifteen companies are already growing chicken meat from animal cells in petri dishes. 

Which one would you think you’d enjoy eating?



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