The Amount Of Good Food This Youtuber Finds While Dumpster Diving Is INSANE!

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When it comes to throwing away food products, America has a real issue! This isn’t the first time we have seen mass amounts ‘good’ food being thrown away by major retailers. In this video, a Big Lots dumpster is highlighted…but it’s not just Big Lots. Walmart’s, supermarket’s and every other store that sells food products in between just tosses out food products on the daily. Food products that could go to food pantry’s or be put out for free to those in need.

While the products in the video below are not the ‘healthiest’ of products – because I know many people will come back with a negative comment like, ‘That isn’t real food’. It most certainly could help people instead of ending up in a landfill.

Youtuber Grab It Fast will dumpster dive for food and other products and then donate them to those in need. You won’t believe the amount of goods in just this one dumpster!