The Bachelor New Season Spoilers

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Season 24 of ABC’s hit series ‘The Bachelor’ has definitely started off like a rocket with Pilot Peter Weber sitting in the cockpit, literally. Coming off of the infamous last season of ‘The Bachelorette’ with Hannah B, the commercial airline pilot had already made headline news as the “4 times in a windmill guy,” after Hannah admitted that she and Peter had sex 4 times in one night during their infamous fantasy suite date. Whether it was due to the fact that he has incredible stamina (obviously,) that he’s incredibly cute, that he speaks Spanish and German, or honestly all of the above, he was chosen as the new bachelor and people are loving it! His only downfall? Probably the fact that he still lives with parents… which honestly isn’t so weird when you find out that the 27-year old is Cuban and that’s just in their culture. The show might have just started but people are already claiming that they know who Peter picks on “the most dramatic season of The Bachelor ever,” and we’re here to clue you in to everyone’s insights.
So if you don’t mind the spoilers and want to join us on our journey to figure out who wins Peter’s heart, then go ahead and take a look at these 29 astonishing spoilers from the new season of The Bachelor.