The ‘Bad Santa 2’ Trailer Just Made Christmas Dirtier Than Ever

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It’s been 13 long years since Willie T. Soke (Billy Bob Thornton) graced the public with his presence as the most vile Santa Claus you’ve ever met. Now, back by popular demand, Stokes has returned for yet another Christmas con with the help of his partner Marcus (Tony Cox) and mother (Kathy Bates) to fleece a charity during the holiday season. Damn, that’s cold.

Although Bad Santa 2 will be missing its source of reason and evil with the losses of the dearly departed John Ritter and Bernie Mac, respectively, judging by the red band trailer (essentially the trailer that you would never see on television), the franchise hasn’t lost an ounce of grit that it had in the first film.

Returning to the world of Bad Santa 2 is Thurman Merman (Bretty Kelly) whose pathetic, yet oh-so-lovable self captured the hearts of fans and even the cold, cold heart of Willie T. Soke himself.

The trailer does little to explain major story lines, However, Bad Santa 2 looks like a genuine laugh fest that you can be certain will be an all adult filled theater when you check it out.

Bad Santa 2 is out to prove that Willie T. Soke redefines the meaning of Santa, and we are convinced this film will live up to the expectations.


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