This Barbecue Picnic Table Will Forever Change How You BBQ!

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It’s called the ‘JAG Grill‘ and it is the coolest thing to happen to grilling in a very long time.


The JAG Grill is a 3-In-1 grilling machine! There is of course, the grill feature which is accompanied by a picnic table and large center fire pit!

It has 8 individual grilling and wooden surfaces to allow everyone to prepare their own meal and eat it together! While it might be considered impolite to ask guests to cook their own dinner, the bonus is they can grill meat exactly to suit their taste.



The eight-seater barbecue picnic table was designed by Le Mar, a company based in Iowa.


On chillier days the barbecue doubles up as a fire pit to keep everyone around the table warm.



And for those who would prefer a slow-roasted dinner, the central area can be fitted with a cover.


The company states: ‘Life is all about memories, and what better way to build relationships and enjoy laughter than next to a fire pit.

‘The JAG Grill has individual grilling and wooden surfaces to allow everyone to prepare their own meal and eat together while enjoying the crackling of the fire.’

Company founder Gert Coetzer is originally from South Africa, but when he went to live in the US, he realized life was much faster paced.


A company spokesman explained: ‘It caused families and friends to often miss important things in life such as building relationships and memories.’

‘He also learned that grilling was alive and well in the USA, and after putting these ideas together, Voila! The JAG Grill was born.’

The name JAG Grill comes from Gert’s daughter Jolene who thought it would be fun to take the first letter from the first name of each member of the family, ‘J’ for Jolene, ‘A’ for Amanda, and ‘G’ for Gert.

Check out the JAG in action!


If you want one of these bad boys, it will cost you a little bit of green! You can order the JAG grill with all its glory for $2,499 USD. In reality however, that truly isn’t to bad of a price considering there are simple four burner grills that hit that price point and higher!

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