The Benefits Of Choosing US Surrogacy

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For far too many hopeful parents, surrogacy is the only way forward when imagining a family of your own. Despite its popularity and commonality, surrogacy can still be an incredibly confusing and difficult process for everyone involved. Surrogacy programs are indeed offered all over the world, but each comes with its own rules and restrictions, that may or may not be right for your family. 

Surrogacy in the US is a common choice for many families because the laws in many states are not only advantageous for the families themselves, but also for the surrogates. Ilaya, a clinic that has programs throughout the world, discusses why US surrogacy may be the ultimate choice for many couples. “US surrogacy programs offer something that many other countries have yet to extend. They offer programs for single parents as well as homosexual couples. Laws regarding the marriage of intended parents are less prevalent throughout the US, which means that non-traditional family structures are less likely to be excluded from programs.”

While the US isn’t the only country in the world to offer these caveats to tradition, “there are many other benefits to choosing a surrogacy program within the US.” Says ilaya. Finding the right program or agency is tantamount to having the best surrogacy experience in many ways. Purely because you will have a neutral party involved whose only job is to guide parents and surrogates alike, through the process as safely and seamlessly as possible. Agencies must also strictly adhere to any and all laws that affect a surrogacy process. So intended parents must be acutely aware of the laws and practices of any given country that they may choose to carry out their surrogacy journey in. It’s also important that intended parents consider their needs and 

The Benefits of Surrogacy 

The benefits of surrogacy, in the US or any other country, vary depending on those involved. Surrogacy seen through the eyes of intended parents can differ from the benefits seen through the lens of the surrogate themselves. For intended parents, surrogacy offers the ability to have a child of their own. Not just merely biologically related, but also a child that can be raised and loved for the moment of conception. 

For most all intended parents, due to medical or physiological constraints, they’re not allowed the joy of carrying that child themselves. But it does not mean that they aren’t allowed to involve themselves in the process. Many agencies and surrogacy journeys allow intended parents to be closely immersed in the pregnancy. Should the pregnancy be an important part of the family building process, choosing a program within the intended parents’ home country may be even more important. This allows intended parents to be available for ultrasounds, check ups, and social calls with their surrogate. 

Having a close relationship with your surrogate throughout the process allows creates important and long lasting relationships. “Many intended parents stay in close contact with their surrogate for a lifetime. It can create deep friendships and support systems. On the contrary, intended parents and surrogates are allowed to decide what sort of relationship works best for all involved prior to the surrogacy, so should everyone decide on a more formal scenario, that is also perfectly acceptable.”  Perhaps the real beauty of surrogacy is its transparency. Surrogacy programs are designed to contain as few surprises as possible. 

“All surrogacies should have some manner of formal and lawful agreement, that both parties outline and agree to prior to continuing on with the pregnancy. These contracts allow everyone involved in the process to state their expectations of responsibilities and roles early.” Surrogacy contracts are what keep a journey simple. Leaving no gaps in expectations, surrogacy contracts are legally binding and make sure that everyone knows exactly what to anticipate in the coming months. 

The Benefits of US Surrogacy

“Things like surrogacy contracts, genetic relation, embryo transfer, and parental involvement are fairly standard throughout the world. What makes the US surrogacy programs so unique is everything else.” Ilaya explains. 

Many states in the US extend their programs to non-traditional family structures. Ilaya has programs through the state of California, which is considered one of the most surrogate friendly states in the nation, but there are many other states that offer favorable legislation for surrogacy as well. Surrogacy in the US offers a number of unique benefits to both intended parents and surrogates as well. 

From a surrogate’s perspective, the US offers incredible and high-end medicine and treatments. Legislative protections extend to their interests as well. Surrogates are required to be looked after both before, during, and after the surrogacy. Treatments are often carried out in state of the art facilities with the best medicine available. Pre-birth contracts allow surrogates to outline their own expectations and boundaries, and are protected by the legally binding contract. 

Surrogates can also enjoy compensation for their time and efforts. This is massive, as pregnancy is no simple task. The physiological and mentally exhaustive practice is delightful and gratifying to be sure, but it is definitely hard work. Compensation for time and effort spent is an appreciated perk of being allowed the sacred job of carrying another’s child. 

For intended parents, as mentioned before, the US surrogacy programs extend their services to non-traditional family structures- to include the LGBT community and single parents alike. “This consideration is fairly novel throughout the world. It’s rare that legislation is extended to include non-traditional family models.” Ilaya is one of many US based surrogacy programs that are happy to devote their services to any family. 

Another perk for intended parents in the US is the pre-birth arrangements. They can help intended parents with difficult decisions that can occur later on in pregnancy. They also help intended parents more precisely select the right surrogate for their particular needs. While it may be unheard of elsewhere, the US grants it’s perks to everyone involved with the process. While it is generally somewhat more expensive than other programs, with an increase in price, intended parents and surrogates alike are sure to see an increase in service. 

However, the greatest perk of all will always be the family intended parents have dreamed of, and the peace of mind that a surrogate enjoys, knowing that she has been able to help achieve those dreams.