The Best 2018 Super Bowl Ads

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Best 2018 Super Bowl Ads

Sunday’s Super Bowl LII has come and gone. The Eagles won, the Patriot’s bowed their heads in defeat and the Super Bowl commercials are living on via the internet. 

Here are some of the best Super Bowl commercials that aired during Super Bowl 52! 


Chris Hemsworth And Danny McBride Star In This Down-Under Ad

Dorito And Mountain Dew Turned To Peter Dinklage And Morgan Freeman For Their Collab Campaign

Meanwhile, Amazon Enlisted A Laundry List Of Celebrities For Its Ad ‘Alexa Loses Her Voice’

Amazon Also Put Together A Gritty Trailer For Its New Movie ‘Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan,’ Starring John Krasinski

Jimmy Fallon Voices This Retrospective On The History Of Pepsi Ads

Danny DeVito Stars In This Spot As The Red M&M

And, Of Course, The Squarespace/Keanu Reeves Connection


Bud Knight Rides In To Expand The ‘Dilly Dilly’ Universe For Bud Light

Sprint Realized One Of Our Worst Nightmares — Mean-Spirited Artificially Intelligent Beings

Febreze Found The Only Man In The World Whose… ‘Bleep’ Doesn’t Stink

Wendy’s Takes A Full 30 Seconds To Just Shit All Over McDonald’s


This Dodge Ram Ad Uses A Martin Luther King, Jr. Speech To Sell Trucks… Yeah, You Read That Right

Budweiser Chronicled Its Relief Efforts, Namely Sending Water To Parts Of North America Affected By Natural Disasters In 2017

Stella Artois Enlisted Matt Damon To Spread The Word On Their Initiative To Bring Water To People In Developing Countries

And Finally, An Uber-Inclusive Heartstring Tugger From Coke Called ‘The Wonder Of Us’