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Our body works effortlessly day and night to help us with ample activities that are necessary for our survival. Every day we are engaged in so many activities that require constant working of our bones, muscles, ligaments, etc. These body parts are essential for us and it is probably impossible for us to survive without them functioning properly. However, with age, sometimes our bones and muscles get weaker and cause a lot of trouble and pain. In such scenarios, an orthopedic surgeon, such as ones from Orthopedic Urgent Care, comes to the rescue. It focuses mainly on bones and muscles along with ligaments, tendons and joints as well. The orthopedic doctor upon reviewing the condition would then provide treatment either through therapies or surgeries.


One-stop solution for orthopedic surgeries and expert witness at dr. Scott Powell’s

However, not all orthopedic surgeries always turn out to be successful due to a lot of reasons. In such cases, patients usually lookout for a second opinion or consult legal guidance. If a person chooses to seek legal advice regarding the failure of his/her surgery, the lawyer representing the concerned patient will then consult an Orthopedic Surgery Expert Witness. The task of an Orthopedic Expert Witness is to go through the medical records of the concerned patient to find out about any medical malpractices. These medical malpractices require testimonies of medical experts to understand the situation better, especially in complicated cases.

One such amazing Orthopedic Expert Witness known for his practical knowledge of performing surgeries is Dr. Scott Powell. He is an expert not only in performing practical surgeries but also an expert as an Orthopedic Expert Witness. He has over thirty years of practical experience and has performed more than 15,000 orthopedic surgeries under his supervision. He has also taught students who come from all over the world to learn orthopedics from him. Dr. Scott Powell who is currently residing in Los Angeles is a renowned Sports Medicine Orthopedic Surgeon. His areas of expertise for treatment are injuries caused in knee, shoulder, elbow and ankle.

When it comes to him being an Orthopedic Expert Witness, he has always impressed with his knowledge about finding out if any negligence by the medical personnel played a role in following any medical procedures which resulted in an unsuccessful surgery. He has all the tools in terms of knowledge and determination to be recognized as a renowned Orthopedic Expert Witness. He has reviewed over 100 orthopedic malpractices, been a part of over 50 depositions and even testified in over 20 trials. Since Dr. Powell has played an important part in working with malpractices and injuries, lawyers from all over the nation pour in to offer him services as an Orthopedic Expert Witness.

Dr. Powell covers areas such as Shoulder arthroscopy, Elbow arthroscopy, Knee arthroscopy, Ankle surgery, ACL reconstruction and “Tommy John” procedure to provide Orthopedic Surgery Expert Witnesses to patients dealing with trouble after unsuccessful surgeries. His procedures as an expert witness involve a thorough examination of medical records, writing clear and accurate statements or records. After all the reviewing, if it’s necessary, he offers his testimony in the court. While providing his testimony he abides by the regulations and guidance according to the American Medical Association’s Code of Medical Ethics.

To Conclude

Dr. Scott Powell has a quite strong educational background and has been a part of various specialized orthopedic surgeries. He is also an eminent part of numerous professional societies. For appointments, he can be contacted via call, mail or video conference.