The Best DIY Projects To Make With Your Cricut Machine

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Source: Unsplash

If you recently got a Cricut Machine, and want to maximize its use and utility, you are in the right place! As a smart cutting machine, it has revolutionized the way various DIY projects are carried out by significantly enhancing productive capabilities and creating tremendous innovative space. Cricut Machines are not only helping homemakers but are enabling various start-ups as individuals are launching their businesses.

With its ability to cut through over 300 materials, a Cricut Machine is very versatile. Along with design upgrades in newer models, Cricut Machine makers have added several useful tools and features that allow a great deal of customization and innovation. So when it comes to these amazing machines, the sky’s the limit!

And if you are looking for fun and creative ideas to enhance the use of your Cricut Machine or you want to impress your family and friends, read on below for the ultimate list of the best DIY projects to try with your Cricut Maker!

Make Your Own T-Shirt Design

One of the best ways to utilize your Cricut Machine is by making your very own T-shirt designs. From your favorite quotes to fictional characters, the Cricut Machine can do it all.

Buy a plain T-shirt from your local store, and upload or create a design on the Cricut Design Space. Use the Cricut machine to cut it out, weed out the unwanted vinyl bits, and using a heat press, press it on your T-shirt. A heat press will essentially help you apply heat and pressure evenly so that your design sticks permanently onto the shirt. A superior quality heat press uses Teflon coating to prevent any sort of damage during the printing process. So rest assured, this will not harm the fabric.

With the use of a Cricut Machine, you can save loads of time, energy and money. First off, you don’t need to actively look for a T-shirt design that suits you, you can just create it. Secondly, if you ever need a customized T-shirt for an event or occasion, you can avoid paying ridiculous amounts to external vendors by doing the job yourself. Moreover, once you get the hang of it, you can start your very own local side hustle of custom T-shirts!

And of course, custom T-shirts make adorable gifts for loved ones – so give it a try and we are sure you won’t be disappointed!

Organize Your House

If you find yourself misplacing or forgetting where you put your things, we highly recommend that you use a Cricut Machine to make labels and organize your house.

You can make stick-on or even stencil your custom designs on various kinds of surfaces such as fabric, glass, plastic or wood. From labeling your kitchen jars to your laundry room baskets, you can pretty much expect to label anything. The best part is that you can use images, patterns, and fonts of your choosing.

If you have kids, you can label their drawers, make a chores board or even decorate a dry erase board for them. For yourself, consider making planner stickers to better organize and motivate yourself.

And if you get confused between your plant pots, go ahead and label them as well. Another great idea is to label stuff in your utility closet so you never lose those pliers ever again! Do the same by using labels in your room closet so you don’t always have to spend loads of time searching for your belongings.

Customize Anything And Everything

Source: Unsplash

A Cricut Machine is a wonderful way to introduce and flaunt your style. This is because its ability to cut through different kinds of wood, fabric, vinyl, leather and loads of other materials opens up a world of possibilities.

Following is a list of some of the things we suggest to customize:

  • Coffee Mugs and Tumblers
  • Home Welcome Mat
  • Guest Towels or all your house towels
  • Tea Towels for your dinner table
  • Pillow or Cushion Covers using Cricut EasyPressfor or applique
  • Envelopes with your name and regards
  • Fridge Magnets
  • Sleep Eye Mask
  • Personalized Closet Hangers
  • Serving Trays by stenciling your favorite designs (such as a geometric Turkish pattern)
  • Shoe Bags to help you differentiate between different pairs of shoes
  • Tables, Chairs or Glassware by using stenciling technique
  • Wreath made of wood with an assortment of paper cut flowers
  • Bookmarks from paper or leather materials
  • Gift bags or Tote Bags on various kinds of fabrics
  • Wooden Photoframes
  • Koozies for parties
  • Monogramming utensils such as jars, your jewelry box, key holder, or even coasters using vinyl
  • Laptop or Phone Covers

As you can see, you can customize just about anything. While some objects will need stick-on and adhesive techniques, others will need stenciling or monogramming. If you have something specific in mind, just search online for a step-by-step tutorial on how to go about it.

Decorate Your Walls

Wall art can be expensive, but extremely tempting to buy! So instead of spending hundreds, why not make your own? It’s easier than you think!

You can start with wall decal in your room, living room and even your kitchen. Create motifs and patterns, and stencil inspirational quotes. Consider hanging wall plaques in your living room or even your bathroom to add a touch of warmth and personalization to your space.

If you want to step it up a notch, you can consider extensive silhouette work or watercolor art on a part of a wall, and make it the focal point of the room. You can easily match and coordinate designs, patterns, and color scheme according to your room theme, and adorn your walls with anything you like.

If you have kids, why not create personal space for them by lining their room walls with motifs, alphabets, numbers or even their favorite animals! It’s all about how creative you are willing to be!

Go The Extra Mile With Occasion Cards And Decor

With your Cricut Machine, you can create the most beautiful cards and decor for any occasion or party. Be it a birthday, anniversary or even a wedding, you can add something special to your festivities.

You can tailor-make your occasion cards; birthday cards, greeting cards, thank-you cards, holiday cards or even gift cards can be made using a Cricut Machine. You can use any material, design, and text, and create something truly unique for your loved ones.

Additionally, you can step up your party decor game by creating custom banners, cupcake holders, cake toppers or thank-you bags. You can also make custom paper cups and photo-props instead of outsourcing to expensive vendors.


So what DIY ideas are you planning to try? Let us know in the comments below!