The Best Foods And Drinks You Should Absolutely Try In Mexico

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Mexico holds a special place in many travelers’ hearts, thanks to the abundance of experiences it offers its visitors. The Central American Country located just south of the USA, remains a sought-after travel destination for sun-seekers both young and old because of its idyllic beaches, friendly people, vibrant nightlife and enchanting landscapes.
Another reason that makes Mexico popular among tourists is its cuisine. The diversity of Mexico’s pulsating food culture is already an attraction in itself, with many visitors finding the flavors of “comida de mexico” both comforting and explosive at the same time
If you’re planning a trip to Mexico, you should make it a point to experience the best of its many gastronomic marvels.
To help you start-off your culinary adventure on the right foot, we have come up with a list of some of the amazing foods you need to try in “El Ombligo de la Luna” or “the Navel of the Moon,” another name Mexico is romantically known as.