Super Fun Party Game Ideas To Play With Friends…According To Reddit

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Reddit users were asked, ‘What is the best party game you have ever played?’…and there were some pretty interesting and fun answers! 

We picked the best to share with you! Some great ideas if you are having a friendly get together and looking for something fun and different to do! 

1. Cookie-Pocket

Reddit User: farkyfarkabc123

Cookie-Pocket. It’s best played during winter when everybody is wearing jackets and multiple layers. You buy a giant party platter of cookies from the supermarket for everybody to use, and you try to reverse-pickpocket cookies into people’s pockets. If they don’t catch you in the act, they have to eat the cookie when they find it. If they catch you, you have to eat the cookie. 

It sounds fantastic at first, but cookies add up very quickly. Twelve cookies is a lot when you’ve already eaten five or six

This would be fun to just play as a side game throughout the night with friends. Put out some cookies and throughout the night, try to see how many cookies you can sneak onto someones person. 

2. Telestrations

Reddit User: TheEbonySky

Game called Telastrations. It’s basically whisper down the lane except with pictures and drawing. First person gets a word, draws it, passes it, next person guesses what it is, then passes it and the next person has to draw what the other person guessed. Pretty fun to see where things go.

3. Cheers Governor

Reddit User: ministryofsound

Cheers Governor or 21 or whatever it’s called. Really fun drinking game where even shy people can be social. You go around in a circle and each person say a number, counting to 21. Once someone gets 21 they get to add a rule (instead of saying 4, tug your ear or something). If someone f**ks up, you all have to drink. Gotta get to 21 rules.

4. Spyfall

Reddit User: sorafan9393

Spyfall. I think it’s based on a physical game, but this website has a free version that allows everyone to use their phones to play (generates a code that y’all enter to join the same round).

Everyone (save one person) is given the same location, and a different occupation. One person is the Spy, and is NOT given the location. Ultimately, the goal of the main group is to determine who the Spy is, while it is the Spy’s goal to determine the location. To achieve this, players go around in a circle, asking each other questions; the main group trying to determine whether the person they’re asking knows the location, while the Spy tries to determine what the location is (without giving away that they are the spy).

5. The 50/50 Game or Burning Bridges

Reddit User: Seizure_Salad_

The 50/50 game. It works like this…

People sit around in a circle usually 6 or more people. A person starts by asking the person to their right a question that only the person to their right hears. This question is something like “If you had to have sex with anyone in this circle who would you choose” (It is usually more interesting when the question deals with people within the group).

The person who is asked the question says the name out loud for everyone to hear.

Then the 50/50 part comes into play. You then flip a coin to decide if the question will be said out loud. If it is tails it stays hidden and the people within the group only know the name

If the coin shows heads, the asker restates the question for all to hear.

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