The Best Ways to Pair Diamond Pendants with Every Outfit

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If you add a simple diamond pendant to any outfit, it will definitely take your style to another level. This simple yet fascinating piece of jewelry has the power to make you look classy and sophisticated.

Now, many women assume that any diamond jewelry needs to be paired with a ballroom gown or a formal pantsuit. However, there are many ways to wear this beautiful gem.

Picking the perfect outfit, along with the corresponding jewelry piece for any occasion, can be troublesome decision to make. Below are some of the best ways to style your favorite diamond pendant with any outfit you want.


Minimal is best:

When it comes to diamond pendants, opting for a minimal outfit is the best decision. Any jewelry that includes diamonds doesn’t have to be paired with a flowy evening gown. Even if you’re dressing for work or just a casual get-together with friends, you can wear a diamond pendant along with a monochrome outfit (preferably black) to make the pendant stand out and sparkle.

You may think that dressing down diamond jewelry may seem contradictory, but it’s quite effective at making the pendant stand out.


Match the neckline:


If the neckline of your outfit doesn’t match your pendant style, then the whole appearance of your diamond pendant goes for a toss. As mentioned before, keeping your style sleek and minimal goes a long way, and this applies to your neckline as well.

Avoid embellished necklines and go for simple silhouettes like scoop necks to enhance the pendant design and sparkle. V-necks and strapless outfits are also great options to pair with any diamond jewelry, and they provide a maximum impact as well.


Styling and coordinating your outfit:

Diamond pendants add a beautiful sparkle to your outfit, but that doesn’t mean you ignore the rest of your outfit’s components. This means that your clothes should be a good match for the pendant and they should complement each other well. Your diamond pendant should be able to tie your outfit together, regardless of the outfit’s style.


Layer it up!


Diamond pendants have a way of standing out, but a bit of layering never hurt anyone. A little layering can elevate your look and take it to the next level while making your appearance look extra special.

You can go for a stylish grunge look by layering your favorite necklaces, along with stacked rings. This is an excellent way to show your style, as well.



Step out of your comfort zone:

If you want to try new styles and want your diamond pendants to accentuate your outfit, then you have to think differently. Usually, people go for a solitaire diamond pendant that is strung up on a silver chain; it’s beautiful, classic, and will go with any outfit.

However, right now, there are so many diamond shapes and styles available. You can step out of your comfort zone and go for a modern yellow diamond, or go for the vintage route and choose a brown diamond.

You can also opt for colored pendants. This way, you can make your pendant a standout accessory in your monochrome outfit.


The pendant should match the occasion:

Just like your outfit, your jewelry should also match the event. If you have an important client meeting, then a pure white diamond with a crisp (monochrome) pantsuit will make an excellent first impression.


Diamond pendantsare always a good idea:


There is a famous saying, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” and that rings true when you find the perfect diamond jewelry. If you’re unsure of what jewelry will go best with your outfit, you can always go for the timeless diamond pendant and silver chain piece.

The classic white diamond piece adds the perfect amount of sparkle to a solid outfit. It catches the light in a way that shows off the colors that are included in its composition.


Select a centerpiece:

No, we’re not talking about the centerpiece that you place on a table for a wedding. We’re talking about selecting jewelry pieces like diamond pendants or statement rings. The accessory you choose will become the centerpiece of your outfit. In other words, it’s the focus point of your style.

If you want to appear classy, sophisticated, and put together, you have to learn to coordinate the right jewelry with your outfit. Diamond pendants are an excellent option to take your style game up a notch. The best part is that they can be paired with a casual denim attire as well as a beautiful evening ball gown; there is no wrong way to wear it.