The Bigger The Tatas, The Longer The Cold And Flu Lasts

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That’s right ladies, being sick longer than your smaller chested counterparts isn’t in your imagination…it’s the real deal.

Research is showing that women with larger breasts suffer much more with the common cold than others.  In fact, respiratory infections can last twice as long as those with smaller chests.

I wonder if this goes for ‘moobies’ as well? (Moobies are large man boobs.)

The journal Archives of Sexual Behavior conducted a study and published the following results:

The study focused on 400 women with various breast sizes, who were interviewed on how often they fell ill with a cold or flu over the past three years.

The conclusion:

Women with F cups had colds, coughs and flus that lasted an average of 8.3 days compared to 3.8 days for women with AA cups.  Women with bigger chests had illnesses that lasted twice as long then women with smaller chests. This proved time and time again throughout their study.

One theory as to why this is revolves around a hormone that is produced in fatty tissue, such as that in bigger breasts, that weakens the immune system making it harder for the body to recover from infections.

So, if you are a larger chested woman…you may want to keep some cold medicine in stock at all times!