The Coziest Tiny Farmhouse That You Will No Doubt Want To Own!

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When it comes to tiny houses we have certainly seen our fair share of awesome ones. This tiny farmhouse cottage however is no joke! This has to be one of the coziest, homiest tiny houses we have ever seen. We want one and we can bet after you see the inside, you will want one too!

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Everything you need is here, and it is incredibly cozy. Only 690-square feet, but it features a spacious kitchen, a laundry area, and it’s own workspace!


Reclaimed wood floors and farmhouse themed bedding make the bedroom perfect. 


The house is designed by Lisa Furey. Lisa created A wonderful front porch, impressive brick walkway and the gas lanterns give it a very unique touch.


Windows are absolute key to this tiny home. It allows natural light to enter the rooms which gives a much more spacious feel to the house overall. Vaulted ceilings are another clever trick that was done to give the feeling of added space.


The open layout for the living room is actually very functional as it provides that needed space for guest entertaining, yet also provides extra sleeping as the sofa turns into a bed!

Naturally the kitchen is smaller than in a traditional home but it is still mighty spacious, considering. The kitchen features a small fridge, large dishwasher, microwave, toaster oven and a nice island where the farmhouse sink is housed.


Now on to the bathroom. You have ample storage space and the vanity looks wonderful contrasted against the dark flooring. Very impressive!


It really is the perfect space when you think about it. No space is wasted, yet enough space is provided to stretch out and completely relax!


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