The Crazy Adventures Of An Uber Driver Are Caught On Tape

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Meet Ryan, the genius Uber driver who decided to install a front facing camera on the dashboard of his Honda Pilot to record some of his best chauffeuring experiences. The results are pretty hilarious.

To give a quick run down, Ryan has decent social skills and a good sense of humor. In other words, he’s not one of those Uber drivers who is going to sit in silence while you both uncomfortably wait to get from point A to B.

He’s also not the type of driver who you wish would shut up and leave you alone. Basically, Ryan seems like a nice guy you’d probably be friends with. According to this video compilation, girls love him, guys love him, everybody loves him. Five stars for Ryan.

He’s seen it all and heard it all! There is never a dull moment when you are a professional Uber driver!


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