The Creepiest Video On The Internet Is Filled With Hidden Meanings No One Can Figure Out

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This disturbing video came out in 2015, and since it came out the Internet has been trying to decipher its hidden meaning. The video is titled 11B X 1371. The title alone is eerie enough for us!

There are several codes hidden within the video that lead people to think it may have some association to the Boston Strangler, but others believe the message may be warning of an impending biochemical terror attack. No one knows for sure. Of course, it could also be just another viral marketing stunt.

We watched the video a few times and every time we noticed what appeared to be another hidden clue of sorts. Whether is writing that is flashed on screen for less than a millisecond, or hidden symbols…it is safe to say that something odd is going on and we wish knew what is was!

I would recommend watching this before bed!

Share this with others…maybe someone out there can make sense of this.

Parker Wright


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