The First Thing 29 Lottery Winners Bought With Their Winnings

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Source: Awesome Jelly

Hitting the jackpot may be a dream come true especially for the people who’ve been playing the lottery every day for countless years for a chance to strike gold. Some people desperately rely on winning the lottery to get out of debt, a job they hate, or a bad neighborhood. Some are just excited by the idea of getting something big for just a couple of dollars without really expecting to win a fortune.
What will you do if you just won a million dollars in the lottery? Will you tell your family, your friends, that guy from college who made fun of your beat-up car? Will you announce it to the world, or will you remain anonymous to protect your identity? Will you throw a party, pay off any existing debt, buy that Porsche you’ve been dreaming about since you were a kid, or finally get your dream home?
Keep on reading to find out how 29 lottery winners first spent their fortune.