The ‘Food Cubby’ Is Here for People Who Don’t Like When Their Food Touches

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There is select group of people out there that absolutely hate it when their food touches and we have all more than likely met at least one person like this over the years. If you this sounds like you, or maybe someone you love — you may want to share with them this little genius gadget, the Food Cubby.

The Food Cubby is a silicone food divider that keeps each item in its own compartment on your plate. Parent’s rejoice!

Sold on Amazon for $14.99, it comes in a 2-pack and uses suction to stick to the plate. An added bonus is that the Food Cubby’s design makes it easy to push food onto a utensil without using any fingers. Even though this nifty invention is geared towards children, kids and adults really dig these!

Whether you don’t like your actually food touches, or you just don’t want certain sauces mixing, this product is brilliant!

The coolest part — the product was actually invented by a kid! The product description reads:

Good for special needs, elderly, vision impaired, and occupational therapy needs at meal time. The Food Cubby was created by a kid inventor!

Some people have a condition called brumotactillophobia, a phobia that manifests as being a picky eater. It’s actually a mild to severe fear of food touching (and form of OCD), which can cause people to eat each item on their plate in a certain order or take measures to divide those items. Eating off a divided plate or using separate dishes helps many people cope with it.

Even if you don’t have full-fledged brumotactillophobia, you still may not be into different textures or flavors meshing together unintentionally. For others, it can be a control thing, and they want to see and taste each food on its own.

So in reality, this is the perfect gift for a loved one who has often complained about food touching!