The Four Most Effective Methods To Employ To Gain A Painting Job

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The Washington Post

In this day and age, making a quick buck isn’t always easy. You have to contend with competition. People lower their rates just to gain money, no matter how little it may be. However, you just need to look around. A good way to make cash is through painting. It’s a decent profession that allows you to stash away enough cash for a rainy day.

The best part about painting is that you don’t need prior experience to do it. You can learn the art because the nature of this profession is pretty straightforward. So, how do you get to land a painting job? There are four strategies you can employ to obtain opportunities. This is the best way to earn quick money without the fuss and frills of being stuck in the four walls of the office.

So, how do you obtain a painting job? Here are the ways to do it.


Putting Out Several Ads

You just need to look for the prospects in the right places. There are private businesses, small and big companies, and homeowners who are looking for a painter. You definitely need to promote yourself. You may not be comfortable with this kind of scenario, but it’s definitely worth a try. You can use the internet for this, or, you can even produce flyers that you can distribute around your area. It’s all about getting yourself noticed. So, get out there now and put out flyers in coffee shops, office spaces, and even on telephone poles. It’s also a good idea to post the ads on construction areas, as the people there may eventually need your services. The good thing about painting houses is that payment is often done in cash rather than with a check, which means that you get instant gratification when work is done.


Word of Mouth

This is actually an extremely effective way to advertise your services, especially when done properly. Ask around and see who needs assistance. Turn over ever rock and search every nook. Use your friends and social media for this. It’s all about spreading the news digitally and physically so that you’ll have bigger chances in reaching the right folks.


Make Use of the World Wide Web

You now have the internet, which may be your number one ally when it comes to reaching a large number of people without doing much of the legwork. If you want to look deeper into the realm of marketing and self-promotion, start by having your very own website. You can consider three job-based sites with a wide number of listings: Indeed, Simply Hired, and ZipRecruiter. Search engines often show businesses of contract and freelance painters in these sites. Be vigilant when it comes to checking your opportunities, which means that you should look at your profile daily.


Door-to-Door Grassroots Effort

Pull yourself up from your bootstraps and go for knocking on people’s front doors or leaving flyers everywhere to spread the word. This can be done when all else fails, or you can use this as a supplement for all your marketing and advertising efforts. Dress appropriately and consider everything you put about yourself on paper. You want people to think that you’re a professional and you’re extremely reliable. A good idea would be to look for homes that obviously need a facelift. That’s already a big sign that they need you.