‘The Highway Man’ Has Helped Drivers For 50 Years, How He Is Paid Back Is Emotionally Beautiful

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This is an incredible story about one cowboy how has spent the last 50 years of his life helping others. ‘The Highway Man’ aka  Thomas Weller has traveled the highways of San Diego helping motorists in need, day in and day out. In 2011, someone crashed into his beloved “Beulah”, the car he’s been driving since 1966. The car has been in the garage ever since.

Weller was in an accident of his own when he was 16-years-old. Someone stopped to help him and when Weller offered to pay for his help, the man told him to keep his money and simply pass on the help to someone else down the road…and that is exactly what Weller has done, for over 50 years.

When a local man named Rick heard of the incredible acts of kindness that Weller has completed over the many years, he wanted to help. Rick restored Weller’s beloved car ‘Beulah’ after sitting the garage for 5 long years.

When the car was presented to Weller, all working and gone over with a fine toothed comb, Weller was overcome with emotion.

If we can learn anything from Weller it is this. Never stop helping people. Take the time to help and be there for your fellow neighbor. We can only imagine what a world filled with ‘Highway Men and Women’ would be like. It would be beautiful.


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