The Impact Of COVID-19 On Spectrum Internet Service

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Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, all businesses have been impacted in some way. It is one of those historic and unprecedented moments that require desperate solutions. Charter Communications (Spectrum Internet) also has been a victim of COVID-19. The biggest impact has been in terms of network usage skyrocketing as more and more people are being confined to their homes.

COVID-19 has forced people to spend much more time in their homes. It is a difficult time and we should all do our part. This requires us to stay inside and let the doctors do their jobs. This is what Charter Communications is also trying to promote. Spectrum internet service has seen a large increase in traffic which has gone up about 20 percent on downstream traffic and 30 percent on upstream traffic. That is quite a lot. Charter’s team members, all over the US, are committed to making sure that they keep doing their job efficiently so that you do not face any kind of inconvenience. Charter is playing their part in making sure that the US, just like the rest of the world, manages to get through this really tough time. They hope their customers keep on doing the same. In addition to excellent cable internet service, the Spectrum TV Channel Lineup helps keep many people thoroughly entertained during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

As expected, internet usage inside households has doubled. In some cases, even tripled. Charter Spectrum high-speed internet service has seen the highest amount of internet traffic hit a peak around 8-9 pm. This is obvious given that these are the primetime TV viewing hours. This requires streaming on video applications, which is again a given, considering people have to pass their time in some way. Video communication services like Zoom and Skype have also seen an upward curve in their usage, as more and more businesses are resuming their services through these communication networks which are allowing people to work from home. People also seem to be using more Wi-Fi, while staying inside, which has taken the load off of cellular networks and has increased the usage of wired and Wi-Fi networks.

The increased demand is not a problem for Charter Communications. They are always prepared for maximum usage capacity and they already had a good system in place. Charter’s investment in their network upgrades and bringing in the newest technology over the last five years has cost about $40 billion. This has helped them deal with increased demand and their networks are reliable enough to deal with the maximum capacity. Their internet networks serve almost 30 million homes and businesses all over the US including New York, Dallas, and Los Angeles. Despite this, their levels are still way below exceeding limits. This allows them to provide you with very fast high-speed internet.

They are constantly monitoring their network which allows them to add more and more capacity, if needed, in areas where there could be potential congestion. Similarly, Charter has a large number of front-line employees in all of the states that they operate in, to ensure smooth networking for you and your business. Their technical teams are trained to respond immediately to any kind of damage and to resume services as soon as possible.

They want to satisfy their customers and reassure them that Charter Communications is prepared for the increased demand and they will not face any kind of delays in their services. Charter Communications believes in the preservation of their excellent standards. They are always in touch with their customer that enables them to get regular feedback regarding their services as well as helping them deal with any kind of issues.

Charter Communications is doing its part in this pandemic by offering free Spectrum Internet service for 60 days to help K-12 students, college students and educators. They are also not terminating service or charging late fees from small businesses and residents. They have also provided connectivity upgrades to more than two dozen healthcare facilities across the country and many of them were completed within 24 hours. Charter Communications realizes that this pandemic brings an unprecedented moment in history and they are proud to do their part for the community.