The Easiest Tent In The World To Set Up! Unpack It. Throw It. Done.

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Need a tent for camping? Maybe you want to take a break while hiking and rest up. How about escaping the hot sun at the beach? The tent below is the perfect solution for all of the above!

With this tent…you simply unpack it…throw it into the air…and voila! It is set fully set up!

The Arctic Monsoon provides SPF 50+ UV protection and the rugged polyester shell is weather-resistant. A 180g PE mat is also included. They say the tent fits 2 to 3 people comfortably, which probably means it’s big enough for 1.

Check out how easy this thing sets up, below!

The tent has a 3-1/2-pound weigh and dimensions of 96.5″ long x 57.1″ wide x 39″ tall. 

The best part, the tent won’t set you back much mullah either. It’s only $74.99 and you can buy it here

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