The Japanese Spider Crab Is Absolutely Crazy Looking — And Quite Tasty Too!

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If you come into contact with a Japanese Spider Crab — you have two options really. One, run. And two, capture it, kill it and cook it up!

These bad boys (and girls) can grow up to 12-feet long and weigh up to 42-pounds! Yikes!

Typically the crab dwell at super deep depths in the ocean, going 490 feet to at times over 1,000 feet below the oceans surface.

It’s the massive, strong and intense claws that really make the Japanese Spider Crab something special…and something to fear! They can crush prey with ease and they love to eat! They can live up to 100-years too, so they are quite good at protecting themselves.

But how to they taste?


I mean, come on. Just look at how massive they are below!