The Magically Bizarre Las Vegas Supermarket Where Nothing Appears As It Seems

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The Omega Mart in Las Vegas is a place like no other and if you have ever had the chance to visit it – you were no doubt in for an incredible treat!

While you may swing into the grocery store to pick up a few groceries, you will quickly find yourself amerced in a psychedelic art world with an awesome backstory. In addition, you will find that the ‘food’ inside of the store is not at all as it seems.

Anna Paul is a travel vlogger who travels all over the world visiting some of the most interesting places that planet earth as to offer. One of her destinations was the Omega Mart, a Las Vegas art exhibition that is both interactive and unusual.

When you first enter the store, you will immediately realize that you are not in a normal grocery store. The chicken’s that are in the deli have tattoos on them, the avocados are actually tiny coin purses and the potato chips are actually soft pillows.

As you approach the freezer section and open one of the doors to the freezer, you are presented with a secret hallway that leads to a sort of psychedelic escape room. Anna mentioned that is was incredibly easy to get lost as the passageway had many different routes and tiny crawl spaces that one can venture into.

Omega Mart was reviewed in Travel and Leisure, in which they describe the four sections inside of the exhibit. They included a fake supermarket, a factory, a playground, and a psychedelic garden.

Take a look below at a few awesome videos of the Omega Mart!