The McDonald’s McRib Is Back And You Can Find It Using The ‘McRib Finder’ App

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If you are a fan of the processed barbecue pork sandwich from McDonald’s, well, you are in luck. It’s back.


This time the sandwich has found it’s way back with a little futuristic twist…it’s own app. The ‘McRib Finder’ iPhone app. The app works as an SMS texting service to help you quickly find the nearest McDonald’s that serves the limited-edition item.


Think this is nothing more than a marketing ploy by McDonald’s? If so, your’e right. McDonald’s has revved up their digital marketing campaign in an attempt to lure a younger crowd to their restaurants.

The McRib was introduced way back in 1981 and since has gained a cult-like following. Some people travel miles and miles to sink their teeth into the (we are assuming) rather unhealthy sandwich.


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