The Minimum Salary Requirement For Personal Loan In UAE

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Personal Loan in the UAE

Personal Loan is a kind of finance availed by an individual to meet numerous personal financial needs. The needs may arise due to a wedding in the family, child’s further education, vacation, funding for a new venture, etc. 

A personal loan in uae requires no security. The loan amount and interest are determined by factors such as the source of income, credit history, and employment status. Generally, the amount can go up to as high as 8 times the monthly salary of the applicant. The repayment tenure is flexible for up to 48 months. The best part is that the documentation requirement is minimal and the approval procedure is speedy provided the correct documents are submitted. 

The income you earn is among the primary factors, which have a heavy impact on your eligibility for these kinds of loans. This is the main factor why not everyone qualifies for this kind of loan. Since salary is one of the  major determinants, there are certain salary-related documents that carry a lot of importance, such as:

  1. Salary Slips
  2. Salary Transfer Letter
  3. Salary Certificates

Apart from these, there are other documents required while applying also. These documents vary across the lenders. Generally, they include a completed application form, a copy of all identification documents (Passport, Visa, and Emirates ID), a bank statement of 3-6 months, and in case of self-employment, a copy of the trade license is also required.


Salary Requirement

The minimum salary requirement varies across banks. Find below a detailed list of different banks’ requirements:

Bank  Minimum Salary (AED) Features 
Dubai Islamic Bank 3000 No early settlement fee

Fixed arrangement fee

Upfront cash payment to the customer

Deem Finance Bank 5000 Flexible repayment schedule

No hidden fees

Attractive interest rates

Relationship officer

ADCB Bank 5000-10000 Fixed % of an arrangement fee

Fixed % of the settlement fee

Emirates NBD 5000 (with salary transfer)

10000 (without salary transfer)

Maximum loan amount up to AED 3 million

Attractive reducing interest rate

Loan coverage


Emirates Islamic Bank 7500


Flexible repayment period 

Fixed early settlement fee

Fixed arrangement fee

Pre-approved credit cards

RakBank 3000 Fast approval 

Attractive rates

Flexible repayment schedule 

Top-ups available after a year

Salary Transfer vs No Salary Transfer

Personal Loan with Salary Transfer is considered to be a secured loan for the lender. In this loan, your salary is directly transferred to the lending bank. The rate of interest is attractive because your loan is secured. However, it depends on the lender and the policies.

Personal Loan without Salary Transfer is even available to non-listed companies. This kind of loan saves you from the hassle of transferring your salary to the lender. The rates vary across lenders.

Other Requirements

For availing a personal loan, you must have a constant source of income, it can be from employment with an organization or self-employment. It is very difficult to raise a personal loan without a stable salary. 

Although the requirements are different for each lender, the common requirements usually are:


The general age requirement for applying for a Personal Loan is a minimum of 21 years. In the case of a UAE national, the maximum age at maturity should be 65 years, and 60 years for expats. 


Only those residing in UAE are eligible to apply for a Personal Loan in UAE.  Benefits can be best availed by UAE nationals. However, expats have a reasonable share of benefits as well.


You should have confirmed employment in order to be eligible for applying for a Personal Loan. Some lenders may also have a policy regarding the minimum time served. 

Salary transfer

Most lenders offer a personal loan with the condition of a salary transfer in UAE. However, there are few providers that let you avail of a loan without salary transfer. It is advisable to use a web aggregator such as which will help you find the best suitable options that cater to your preference, requirements, and budget. 

Final Say

Personal Loan is a simple and preferred way of raising finance. Therefore, if you are planning to raise a personal loan, you must be well informed about the importance your salary holds. You should also be clear about the eligibility and the documents required. Your research should be well done as per the best offered minimum salary requirements and additional features within your budget. It is key for you to be a hundred percent sure about the lender you choose.