49 Of The Most Beautiful News Anchors On Television

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Turbo Squid

Hearing the news is something, but seeing it delivered by a beautiful news anchor is something else. It certainly doesn’t hurt to have not just a credible news anchor, especially where ratings are concerned. After all, whether it’s good or bad news, seeing someone with a refreshing face somehow makes you think that everything will be all right, and that you will try to follow that mesmerizing story to the very end. Maybe even glued to the screen until the credits hoping to catch one last glimpse of the host. Make no mistake, these news anchors are legit, bringing you the latest news not just from the comfort and safety of a network studio, but sometimes from hotspots or warzones as correspondents.
From former beauty queens to award-winning journalists and reporters, these are the hottest female news anchors that you will see on television. Whether you prefer good or bad news first, when these women deliver it, it all becomes the same.