29 Of The Most Beautiful Russian Women Ever

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Beauty can be found in every corner of the world, and Russia is no exception. With their svelte figures and gorgeous features, Russian women have been touted for their beauty as well as their presence and strength of character. As a people, Russians are proud of being tough, and not just the men! Russian women are strong-willed, and their beauty is transcendent.
While many Russians are blond and blue-eyed, they make up just a small part of the beautiful population of Russia. Thanks to their geographical location, Russians are ethnically diverse, and the variety of features from different races creates a unique Russian look. Studies have shown that mixed-race people tend be perceived as more attractive, as they possess the best genetic traits from both parents’ ethnicities.
Some of the most famous Russian beauties are world-renowned, like gorgeous blond tennis superstars Anna Kournikova and Maria Sharapova, model Natalia Vodianova and decorated Olympic medalist, retired gymnast Alina Kabaeva.
You don’t have to look far in the world of celebrities, music and sports to find lovely Russian women, but some of the most stunning women from Russia are your everyday girls next door who rose to fame on Instagram.