27 Of The Most Bizarre And Unconventional Golf Courses In The World

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Source: https://www.thunderbird-asia.com

Considered as the most expensive sport to play, golf has still risen in popularity over the years across players of all ages. Casual fans may be more familiar with the players rather than the courses, with the likes of Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, and Arnold Palmer elevating the sport to new heights. There are almost 40,000 golf courses in the world, with some of the best being designed by the best players in history. However, not all golf courses are created equally, and a lot of them can be found in less than ideal locations, presenting its own unique characteristics. Whether located in the desert, ice, mountain, areas of conflict, or urban jungle, some of them are not what you would call your typical golf course.
These are some of the most bizarre, unconventional, dangerous, and weirdest golf courses that only those with a true love for the game, the really adventurous, and with a taste for a unique experience play in.