The Most Commonly Used Valorant Weapons

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If you can lob a fireball with the hands, then you must be wondering why go for any weapons. It is worth noting that in the Valorant’s world, weapons are always the most powerful of the tools to have. You will find a good weapon variety in Valorant, and there will be a unique characteristic in every weapon, which includes the size of the magazine, the recoil pattern and the damage that these weapons cause.

Valorant contains four major categories of weapons, and each has its technical pros and cons. Some rifles work very well for the fights which include middle to long-range, then there are snipers that can pick the targets in just a single shot, SMGs having the ability to shred the opponents when they are in a close range, and shotguns having the tendency to blow away the opponents.

Valorant weapons that are used commonly

We cannot say that any of the weapons in Valorant is good or bad, because every weapon has some unique characteristics and circumstances to excel at, and to know these circumstances can be very helpful. Whether you are capable of buying an expensive weapon or you are to opt for a cheap one to surprise the enemy, the following are the Valorant weapons that are used very commonly.

  • Phantom

This is an automatic rifle which is suppressed and keeps things very simple, but you will find it to be very effective. Phantom offers precise and powerful shots that can quickly take the enemies and aren’t too much difficult to control. The specialty of this rifle is its simplicity because with this thing, you certainly won’t go down.

Jot is done very well by Phantom, and it seems to have no problem taking anything from the short, mid or even the long-range. For players who can take a headshot with this particular weapon, the crosshair of the enemies will be pushed upwards at impact, and therefore, it may not be easy for them to fire back at you.

  • Operator

It is undoubtedly the best of the guns in the game and is able to hit its target from any range. It is important for its user to keep in mind that he must aim before firing, and each shot must count, because load animation cannot be cancelled.

It is worth noting that you should be worried about whether your opponent is dead or not, because once you can hit the shot on target, then the opponent would surely be dead. Anyone who would like to pack any crucial items or hold the angles, Operator can be the ideal choice for them.

  • Spectre

Because of the reliability and good control, the Spectre is also known as the small version of Phantom. Though it may not be that much reliable on the long-range, but any engagements that include short to medium range, is a great weapon because of the high fire rate and recoil that is manageable. Spectre can even shred the enemy that is very well armored, and therefore, if you are short of money and want something that is very useful, then it can be the one you can rely on.

  • Judge

Judge is a semi-automatic shotgun and is capable to surprise almost all the Valorant players at one point or the other. Though not many people recommend buying this weapon quite often for a number of reasons, but if you hold a close angle and look for the enemies in the tight corners of the map, you will find Judge to be very damaging for the enemy.

If you have seen more than one enemy at a close range, then this weapon is the one that you can rely on, because if you hit the target right, you can quickly kill your enemies by just smashing the left trigger. You will not be required to spray control, as your enemy will go down by just clicking at them.

  • Stinger

Those who are going through the initial stages of the game, Stinger is made for them because its fire rate is very quick, especially when one plans to take advantage of winning a pistol round. However, it is worth noting that Stinger’s power can start to go down with time, and it may not be that reliable in damaging the enemy, especially with armor. It’s surely a great pick and quite a common user choice, but Spectre is considered as a much better choice than Stinger in every regard.

  • Odin

Odin is bigger in size and quite famous for its quick firing rate and excessive recoil. As you cannot move when using it, therefore, you need to crouch while using this weapon. Odin is also great to lock down a site, but it surely has limited uses.

Odin can be a good buying choice if one is in full control or if there are plenty of weapons to expand, as it will be good for wall-banging the opponents. Odin can also be whipped out and sprayed to catch the enemies if they are camped in any corner of the map.

  • Frenzy

Frenzy is the only gun in Valorant that is completely automatic and doesn’t have an alternate mode of fire. As it is a gun, therefore, it is great at small distance, but it surely struggles in other distances. If you are looking for a pick or you are on the eco round, then Frenzy can be a great buy for you. It can help you to easily stalk the enemy, and immediately grab their gun by shooting from a small distance.

Bottom Line

Valorant has a variety of very interesting and unique weapons for anyone to use. It is very important to remember that every gun will be featuring a completely different recoil pattern. Therefore, when practicing, you must be able to learn how you can individually use the weapons. It might be a bit of a challenge for you to learn all this, but it’ll be worth it.

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