Top 30 Most Dangerous Household Cat Breeds

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There are several domesticated cat breeds, most are cute and cuddly. But cat owners know that at times they can be nasty and temperamental. Cats are independent thinkers, and unlike dogs, they normally don’t obey their owners’ commands. They do as they please, even when trained properly. Basically, you don’t adopt the cat… it adopts you. Beware of the cat that does not like you.
Still, cat lovers learn to adapt to their cats and a symbiotic relationship can be achieved. However, some breeds are more dangerous than others. We are not talking about wild cats like tigers, lions, jaguars, etc. Dangerous here is used loosely, referring basically to difficult and ill-mannered cats. But there are some hybrid cats that have been bred from two species that were never meant to mate, a wild cat with a domestic cat. Domestic by no means equates to tamed, many cat owners forget this fact. Still, cat lovers will always love their feline companions.
Here are some of the more dangerous cat breeds to own: