30 Of The Most Difficult Dog Breeds To Train

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Source: https://s7d1.scene7.com/

Dogs and their owners have a special bond and relationship. At times, they can be the most faithful and loyal companions a person could have. Whether trained or not, they will still be adorable and loved. There are some breeds that are notoriously tough to train, even by the most skilled professional dog-trainers. Sometimes it is because some breeds are more stubborn, some are independent thinkers, and some have certain behavioral traits in their bloodline that make training difficult. For example, dog breeds bred to hunt will be focused on scents of other animals and will not allow anything to distract them, including their owners. So it is best to research what breed will best suit you. If you don’t mind having a tough time training your dog, any breed will do. But if you want to avoid difficult dog breeds, this list is for you.
Here are the most difficult dog breeds to train in no particular order: