The Most Expensive Cars In The World

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It is very difficult to put a price tag on a car because value is highly subjective. This is why literally any car can become an incredible investment, although right now we need to see classic cars as the ones with the most value. The serious car collectors are not going to worry much about how much they pay when it comes to putting their hands on the cars they want. With this in mind, here are the most expensive vehicles in the entire world.

Alfa Romeo 1939 8C 2900 B Lungo Spider

The classic vehicle was among the last to be designed by the well-known Enzo Ferrari, right before he left the automaker. You surely know his name because he decided to start one of the most popular manufacturing firms in the world. However, before he left, the 8C was designed and this car was always praised for performance and elegance. One of these cars ended up being sold in 2016 in California for $19.8 million.

Ferrari 1964 275 GTB/C Speciale

This is a very unique vehicle in the Ferrari catalogue. It is actually a part of the automaker’s history and a rare vehicle made by one of the most iconic companies in Italy. Just 3 models were built of the 275 GTB/C for 1964. At its core, this was a race car but it was just used on the road, never in a race.

You should know that this model marks the first ever Ferrari road that featured an independent back suspension. Such a unique trait led to the car to end up selling in the year 2014 for an incredible $26.4 million. Up to that point, this was the most expensive vehicle ever sold.

Mercedes-Benz 1954 W196

In the year 2013, this was a vehicle that sold for $29.7 million. Obviously, with such an amount of money, the car was insured for so much more than just a Mercedes extended warranty. The 1954 model is very high on the list of the best cars ever made by this automaker. The W196 was at its core a vintage racer for Formula One. Its racing career was very successful during the mid fifties but it was retired after. The performance was legendary and the car is very rare. The title of the most expensive vehicle ever was held for more than 1 year before the $30 million price tag was broken.

Ferrari 1957 335 S

Just four of these vehicles were ever produced by the manufacturer in the year 1957. This model was practically an upgrade of the past 315 S with an added V12 engine. The horsepower was estimated at a very high 390 hp, meaning the car could reach 190 miles per hour. This might not seem like much but we are talking about the fifties.

Eventually, this car was exchanged in competition in 1958 by the 250TR. This is a car that just existed for a year so we are talking about one of the rarest expensive classic cars in the entire world. At an auction held in Paris in 2016, one of the 4 sold for $35.7 million.

Ferrari 1962 250 GTO

We reached the number one most expensive car in the entire world, a vehicle that was bought for $48.4 million. RM Sotheby’s was the one that held the auction leading to the record price tag. Right now, we are talking about the true holy grail of all classic luxury cars. Just 36 such vehicles were ever made and the reason why they are so popular right now was that they fully dominated races. In fact, this was the vehicle that won over 300 races in history.

According to car collectors, the Ferrari 1962 250 GTO is one of the most beautiful to be ever designed by Ferrari. Greg Whitten was the person that sold this car in 2000 and you might know him since he is a really avid car collector, the fifteenth employee ever to be hired by the tech giant Microsoft. He did declare the fact that he originally bought the expensive car for one tenth of how much he ended up selling for.

Final Thoughts

The list of these 5 most expensive vehicles in the world is definitely a true sight. We are looking at cars that are recognized all around the world as being rare, beautiful, and incredibly expensive. Owning any of these would be incredible.

However, what is really remarkable is the fact that we are looking at the year 2000 when the most expensive vehicle in history was sold. This is quite important because of the fact that it is only a matter of time until a classic vehicle appears at an auction and the price tag will be a lot higher. Then, the list of the most expensive vehicles will change.