Top 40 Of The Most Expensive NFT Sales

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One of the hottest new trends that have been creating a buzz online are NFTs or what are known as Non-Fungible Tokens. What is it exactly? Well Fungible means something that is mutually interchangeable with something else, for example money is fungible. You can exchange 10-dollar bills for a 20-dollar bill and vice versa. So being non fungible, an NFT is non interchangeable and once it is created it becomes unique with its own print and cannot be copied or replicated. NFT’s, just like cryptocurrency, is data that is stored in the blockchain but instead of currency it is often digital media files such as photos, videos and even tweets. This is a massive step for digital artists because this means they can create NFTs out of their art so despite people copying or replicating their work, only one will be recognizable as the original and it will have the digital footprint of the creator so that they continue to be credited and given royalties no matter who the file gets sold to.
This trend is fast becoming the “in” thing as celebrities from Jimmy Fallon, Snoop Dog and even Eminem have been buying their own NFTs. All this buzz has caused the prices of NFTs to skyrocket to the millions. Yup, you read that right, millions of US dollars are being spent to buy NFTs and today we are going to be featuring some of the most expensive NFTs ever sold.