The Most Popular Christmas Movies Around The World, Mapped Out

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The Christmas season is here and holiday movies are already taking over our televisions — which is in no way a bad thing.

If you have ever wondered what Christmas movies are the most popular around the world, we have an answer for you. It is certainly cool to see which movies certain regions of the world gravitate towards during the Christmas season.

The data come from a new study by broadband experts at UK-based online comparison site They analyzed Google search data for 30 Christmas movies across 18 countries to see how holiday viewership differs from nation to nation. All the films included in the study are relatively mainstream, so you won’t find some off the wall, never-heard of movie on this map.

Will Ferrell’s hit movie ‘ELF’ obviously made the map, and is a favorite among viewers in Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Canada, and South Africa. However, clearly it isn’t funny enough for U.S. residents.

Love Actually also ranked first in five countries, including England, Spain, and Norway. But neither Love Actually nor Elf clinched the top spot in the U.S. The Nightmare Before Christmas did, with an average monthly search volume of nearly 3.7 million.

See the map below, and learn more about the survey here.