The Much Awaited Raid in Area 51 Has 1.9 Million People Booking All Hotels In Nearby Towns And Purchasing Insurance Against Alien Abduction

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With the almost two million people planning on storming Area 51 in a couple of weeks, these alien-liberators definitely need a place to stay and get a good night’s rest before the big day. Come September 20, all hotels seem to be fully-booked, including the one in this tiny town called Rachel, Nevada that has a population of 54 people. This nondescript town is conveniently surrounded by ghost towns and more desert. There is food and lodging for passersby though, in just one establishment called Little A’Le’Inn.

The perfect haven for mystery and occult seekers and stargazers alike, this little inn is overflowing with alien merchandise in their quirky little gift shop. Unfortunately, for all those that are planning to stay over, all 14 rooms of Little A’Le’Inn is already fully booked during the alien raid dates, but they still have space in their camping area left.

Once you pass through this town, Alamo, Nevada would be the next to get lodging, although most of the hotels there are fully booked as well. Remember to factor in fuel for this trip as Rachel’s only gas station shut down years ago, so guests will need to be filling up their tanks fifty miles away in Alamo. And yes, that is the nearest gas station.


For those alien seekers that were lucky enough to book one of the 14 bedrooms at Little A’Le’Inn, there is no doubt that you made the right choice based on the information found on their alien-themed website:

“Look up as the truth lies there. Always keep your eyes to the skies whenever you can. You just never know when that special event will happen. At those times there may be no answers, leaving you only to wonder what just happened or what you saw, and having to ask more questions… getting no answers. Life is a mystery, enjoy the ride. The events and unidentified flying objects we see and only hear at times in this area often leave us shaking our heads. The unknown is what we live for. The times when logic escapes us and the knowledge of things to come are before us. We welcome it all.”

With all the traction that this event has gotten, law enforcement are already preparing themselves on the number of visitors they’ll be receiving, which is far more than usually expected. Kerry Lee, County Sheriff of Lincoln told CNN: “I cannot believe it’s gotten this much attention. We deal with this on a weekly basis but nothing to this scale.”

The Sheriff also spoke about the strain that the emergency services will have to deal with when the sudden influx of visitors come.

“We could probably handle it, but it could definitely cause issues. Heaven forbid the number is 5,000 people where you almost double the size of the county.

[…] I could see people with a lot of heat-related issues, and with our limited resources up here it could definitely jeopardize their safety. The number of people could overwhelm our EMS in a hurry.”


Thank God for insurance then, because nowadays, it’s always better to be safe just in case shit hits the fan. For the 1.9 million that clicked ‘attending’ on the ‘Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us’ event on Facebook – one company is actually offering insurance again alien abduction for your safety.

The Saint Lawrence Agency, run by Mike St. Lawrence in Altamonte Springs, Florida has got you covered by offering limited or comprehensive alien abduction insurance. Apart from that, they also sell reincarnation insurance, asteroid insurance, and life insurance for those thinking of storming Area 51 but won’t make it back out alive.

This policy which costs $24.95 is worth $10 million in coverage, which includes psychiatric care and double identity coverage, but be sure to read the fine print and what is included first. St. Lawrence has already sold about 6,000 policies since he opened in 1987, but he says they are only catered to those that have a sense of humor.

Sheriff Lee is urging all 1.9 million expected visitors that instead of attempting to storm Area 51, they should go star gazing and enjoy the surroundings and desert instead. Whether all these people will listen to his advice is entirely another story, but if they do push through with their initial plans, that insurance coverage just might be a good idea… After all, better safe than sorry, right?


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