Shark Tanks ‘Squatty Potty’ Just Seems To Make Sense

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Since we are born we are taught to use a toilet, but did we ever learn about the effects that toilet might have on our bodies? I think not.

Enter ‘The Squatty Potty’. An invention that has gained notoriety since it first made its debut on the popular show Shark Tank. In addition to the notoriety it received on Shark Tank, having a super viral advertisement video (as seen below) didn’t hurt the Squatty Potty’s popularity either.

Doctors and scientists have long argued that modern-day toilets are bad for our bodies. When we sit on the toilet, our bodies are turned into what’s known as the anorectal angle. In this position, our rectums get “kinked,” making it difficult for us to poop.

Squatting helps relax the puborectalis muscle and takes out that kink, allowing us to properly eliminate all of our waste without straining. This method also helps us keep hemorrhoids and urinary tract infections from developing because we’re not straining.

Now don’t you feel that much smarter?


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