The New Amazing Moldable Glue Product ‘Sugru’ Will Turn You Into A Domestic Ninja!

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Every once in while a new product will come out that revolutionizes how we manage certain aspects in our lives. ‘Sugru’ is one of those products.

Sugru is a moldable glue that is incredibly versatile. When you take a piece of Sugru out from the package, it is soft and flexible, allowing you to mold it to whatever position you would like. After 24 hours, the product sets and it will remain solid yet flexible as well as waterproof.

You are able to fix holes in your shoes, create wall hangers and even fix broken electronic charger cables. The list goes on and useful ideas for this product are truly endless. Sugru states that their product will turn anyone into a ‘domestic ninja’, and they are surely speaking the truth!

Check it out…it certainly doesn’t disappoint!

Source : Youtube

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