The One Question You Should Never Ask While Online Dating.

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Online dating is a booming business. Many people, young and old take to the web or apps to find true love. The Pew Research Center estimates that 15% of young adults have tried online dating. Roughly 27% of that group is under 25 and about 33% have never even went on a date as a result of meeting someone online. 


Love and etiquette experts claim that there should be a certain level of etiquette used when online dating. This ensures that you will receive the best results and find that perfect match. There are a things you should shy away from saying however, and etiquette expert Myka Meier let Cosmopolitan know the one thing you should never say while online dating. 

‘What do you do for a living?’

Seems like a legit, basic question right?

Myka Meier

Well, according to Myka…asking what people do for a living is very similar to asking how much money they make. People often times become guarded when this questions is asked by a stranger. 


Myka notes that, on most dating sites, you’re working from a few pictures, not an in-depth personality analysis. Meier recommends keeping the conversation light and staying away from a few key topics.

A few other things you should shy away from talking about…marriage, religion and politics. Those are pretty much a given when first meeting someone. Those topics will eventually come up, just give them time. 

Also, most online chats don’t turn into dates…so you don’t want all these personal facts about your life strewn about the dating world. 

Now you know! Happy Dating! 

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