The Onion Basically Made A Video About Brock Turner 5 Years Ago

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In a parody video from The Onion, viewers watch as hypothetical basketball star Jacob Ross admits to raping a woman, but manages to summon the emotional strength to play basketball as if nothing happened. The video is a frightening parody of how college athletes who rape or sexually assault women are often not held accountable for their crimes. Many times, their “promising careers” are prioritized above their victims’ lives and trauma.

Although the video came out in 2011, it perfectly captures the reaction to recent news surrounding former Stanford athlete and student Brock Turner who sexually assaulted an unconscious woman.

The Onion, known for it’s sarcastic and in your face comedy, wasn’t trying to portray the sexual assault of a woman as a joke. Instead, shedding light on how much of an issue this type of crime is and how it runs rampant through our college system. Just for the record…being good at sports, being smart or coming from a wealthy family DOES NOT give you the right to sexually assault anyone. Sadly, the recent extremely light sentencing of Brock Turner as not depicted this crime in the seriousness in which it truly is.

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