The Overwhelming Bike-Share Supply In China Has Sent Thousands Of Bicycles To Their Graveyard

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Bike sharing in China is incredibly popular, with over 30 bike-share companies saturating the market all across the country with their different brightly colored bicycles. 

Most of these companies do not have properly assigned parking areas to pick up and drop off their bikes, so users just unlock them with their phone apps and abandon them all over the streets and sidewalks, which ends up blocking the already-crowded and congested walkways. The rapid growth of this business idea has extended over its demand and completely overwhelmed these Chinese cities that weren’t ready to handle millions of bicycles that were being left all over the streets. 


How did the Chinese government put a solution to this? They made Chinese bike graveyards, where thousands of bikes that have been impounded are eventually transferred there to get them off the streets. 

Piles of broken and abandoned bicycles that are collecting dust in graveyards are now a common sight in many big cities throughout the country. In the last year, there were 1.5 million bikes in Shanghai alone, with about 10 million in the whole country. This is the effect caused by many companies jumping the gun at the same time for a great idea, but overwhelming the market with their huge surplus of products all at the same time. 

While bike sharing still remains to be popular in China, the government has already banned these existing companies from releasing new bikes on the streets. Meanwhile, the images of the piles of bicycles by the thousands that have been left abandoned and rotting in vacant lots have turned into sorts of mysterious patterns of art, with a representation of waste in an enormous scale.  


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