These People Filled Frames With The Unexpected And The Results Are Gorgeous!

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In the DIY world, frames are not used just for displaying photos. The creative minds of the artist, DIY enthusiasts and creative geniuses have taken the function of the frame to a whole new, gorgeous level!

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Framed Flat Flowers

Flowers in a frame are a great idea and they definitely add a unique indoor touch to your walls. Take you favorites and press them for a few days, until they are flattened and dried out. Then frame them with a plain background.




Frame Fabrics

Say you have an old vintage handkerchief or scarf lying around. Think about using it as a frame fabric. Iron it out and place in a frame. You will probably be pleasantly surprised at just how good it looks.



Frame Keys

Vintage keys or keys that hold a special meaning are great for framing. Do you still keep those special keys from your first car or your first apartment? Get them out of the door and put them in a frame!



Ticket Collage

These are great whether you have an existing ticket collection or you are building one up. Collage them together and frame them up!



Handwritten Recipes

Get out those old handwritten recipes and frame them up! These can look very cool and you’ll never have to look for Grandma’s cookie recipe again!



Show Off Your Quilts

Put your quilts on display by framing and hanging. So often these works of art are tucked away and never used nor displayed. Here’s the perfect opportunity to display these by framing them.



Nature Feel

Take some twigs right from your own backyard and creatively arrange them in a frame. All you need is some glue and a frame and you’ll have a very unique piece.



Calendar Gallery

Take apart a themed calendar and frame individually. You can even hang them up alongside one another for a creative display.



Shopping Bag

If you like shopping then you have likely come across the stylish bags they give you after a purchase which are works of art unto themselves. Take your favorites and see how good they can look framed up!



Frame Your Favorite Paint Palette

Framing paint samples? Yep, it makes for very unique wall art and you can even create a customizable calendar using a dry erase marker.



Vintage Silverware

Just add a coat of matte paint to your vintage silverware. Frame them up and you are good to go!



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