The ‘Pizza Hut Blockbuster Box’. A Pizza Box That Turns Into An Instant Movie Projector!

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movie pizza box

Typically if you want to eat a pizza and watch a movie you have to get yourself situated in the living room area of your home once the pizza is delivered which can be a total pain, but not in Hong Kong!

Ad firm Ogilvy & Mather HK have designed a pizza box that will turn into a movie projector at the drop of a hat! The name of this invention, The ‘Pizza Hut Blockbuster Box’!

The box can be ordered in 4 different funky designs. The box features a small projector lens that sits within the ‘pizza saver’ or ‘box tent’, you know…the thing inside the pizza box that keeps the box from collapsing on to your pie.

The box has a pre-cut hole in the front that needs to be punched out so the lens can be inserted. Once the lens is in, scan the code on the box with your cell phone, a selection of movies will pop up, choose the one you like, set your phone inside the flipped open top of the box pointing towards the lens and voila! The movie from your phone is then projected onto your wall! Now all that is left to do is enjoy your tasty pizza!

I won’t lie…I would totally order one of these just to try it out. That and I really dig pizza!

Source : Youtube