The ‘Poke-A-Tree’ Christmas Party Game Is Brilliantly Awesome And Super Fun!

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poke a tree Christmas holiday game

Source: Fun365

This is one of the funnest Christmas games you can play with family and friends! There is a similar game on the Price Is Right called ‘Punch Out’, so you know this game is a blast!

The game is super easy to make and set up! You can use anything from money, gift cards, candy and so much more as prizes! (If you are playing this with just adults…why not throw in a few tiny bottles of tasty adult beverages as prizes!)

Custom prizes could also be a great choice. You can make some small Christmas pins with traditional Christmas elements like Christmas trees, Santa Claus, etc., or add special elements like team logos, family motto or company logos. These lovely pins can be used to decorate bags, clothes, hats and more. If you want to make own lapel pins, go to

Check out a few rule option ideas for playing with a decent sized crowd! Also, check out the video below for step by step instructions on how to build the game! Thanks to the folks over at Fun365 for the brilliant idea!

You can play this game a few ways and of course…modify it anyway you feel necessary! Here are a few options on game play.

1. Try numbering each ‘hole’ and then pull numbers from a Santa hat to see what hole each person gets to punch out! 

2. Have each player roll dice and when a certain number (determined by you of course) is rolled, the person who rolled it gets to punch out a hole! 

3. Pass around a NERF gun and have each person playing try to shoot out a hole. If they miss, the NERF gun is passed on to the next person. 

Source: Fun365

Check out the video below for step by step instructions on how to make and play! Head over to Fun365 to pick up all the materials needed, or check out their other awesome items!